Front End Engineer & UI Developer
Bengaluru, India
Software development engineer
  • April 2019 - Ongoing
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Frontend Engineer for McAfee MVISION Insights UI product (Product info) - proactive endpoint security platform developed in ReactJS
  • Responsible for requirement analysis, design and development of UI.
  • Development of business modules and re-usable components
  • Prepare wireframe design for product in collaboration with architects and product owner
  • Single handely developed angular front end for Apollo phase 1 project overview.
Senior UI Consultant
  • September 2017 - March 2019
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Working as UI front end consultant
  • Responsible for requirement analysis, design and development of UI.
  • UI lead for Saint gobain NEXT app and ADAA portal projects
  • Lead a team size of 5 UI developers
  • Lead team initiatives like 'Theme of the month - JavaScript'. Delivering training sessions on OracleJET, JS. Project reflections presentations with overall overview of project details and challenges faced.
Senior UI Developer
Wipro Technologies
  • July 2016 - August 2017
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Optimized Web Framework and migrated the framework from JQuery to AngularJS
  • Developed re-usable AngularJS components.
  • Responsible for requirement analysis, design and development of UI.
  • Creator of Heatmap and Layout Management in AngularJS
Senior UI Developer
Ericsson Ltd
  • March 2016 - June 2016
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Creator of Analytics dashboard
  • Developed re-usable AngularJS components.
  • Highcharts Angular directives development.
  • Responsive dashboards.
UI Tech Lead
TCS - Apple
  • October 2014 - Feb 2016
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Led UI Center of Excellence (CoE) Team and an individual contributor for several other projects in the account.
  • Worked with Technical Architects group on project proposals, estimates of design and development efforts.
  • Actively worked on UI Architecture Design, Documentation and Proposing best technologies for the projects
  • Worked on multiple POC’s and RFP’s on AngularJS and Charting.
  • Worked on Mutant, SecApp, Winkel projects
UI Developer & Tech Lead
TCS - Apple
  • July 2014 - October 2014
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Had experience in working at TCS, Brazil with Apple Client on multiple projects, as UI Front End Technical Lead.
  • Had been a part of proposal, design and development phases for two projects.
  • Conducted training sessions on AngularJs Framework, JQuery and Bootstrap frameworks.
  • Worked on App and Doc store, PRQ, Phoenix automation projects.
UI Developer
TCS Apple
  • July 2011 - June 2014
  • Bengaluru, India
  • Joined as the first member of CoE team as UI Developer.
  • Worked on HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript POC's.
  • Single handedly worked on iPulse project and strived to make it a blockbuster project.
  • Achieved star of the month and star of the quarter awards in the first year.
  • Worked on iPulse, iChart projects.
Angular 2/4/6/7/8 ReactJS JavaScript Bootstrap HTML HTML5 CSS3 CSS JQuery Fullstack SVG Zing Charts High Charts D3 Charts NodeJS SASS REST API OOPS Data Structures MEAN
  • Led CoE Team for more than 3 years. Mentoring and training team members in UI competencies. Contributed in expanding the team strength from 2 to 6.
  • Guest Lecture at ILP, Trivandrum on UI front end engineering.
  • Best performer Award for my contribution to TCS-Apple.
  • Star of the month and Star of the quarter awards from various teams.
  • On the spot award for training initiatives at Oracle SSI
  • Author of
  • MVISION Insights
  • iPulse
  • Mutant
  • Angular MultiSelect Dropdown
  • Angular 2 OAuth Social Login
  • Angular 2 Datatable
  • Angular datetimepicker
  • Angular 2 slidemenu
  • Angular Fan menu
  • Javascript datetimepicker
Bachelor of Engineering
Electonics & Instrumentation
GITAM University
  • Oct 2007 - May 2011
  • Visakhapatnam, India